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About us

Over the last forty years, Büdiam has built up an international reputation as a manufacturer of premium diamond tools.

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Material Expertise

Extract from Our Vast Material Expertise

Special Diamond Tools

Special diamond tools manufactured with highest precision, consistent quality and according to the customer's specification.


Diamond Grinding Tools

Grinding, profiling and polishing of difficult materials with diamond grinding tools is an art that has been mastered by Büdiam to full perfection in all its variations.

Diamond wires

Be it quarrying, block cutting, contour cutting or a wide variety of concrete construction applications, diamond wire has firmly established itself as sophisticated state-of-the-art cutting technology.

Diamond blades

Starting with Ø 150 mm dry cutters and going all the way through to Ø 4200 mm large slabbing blades, each and every Büdiam diamond cutting blade is perfectly tailored to suit your individual application.

Diamond segments

Profiled diamond segments -
Specially developed bonding systems -
Higher cutting rates -
Productivity increase -
Decrease in energy consumption


About us

Since 1977, Büdiam has built up an international reputation as a manufacturer of premium diamond tools for stone, concrete and challenging industrial materials. Büdiam’s diamond tools are designed from practical experience for practical use. Our customers benefit from our continuous research and development of technically sophisticated diamond cutting and grinding tools for most demanding materials and applications - always there on time, no bureaucratic red tape and with excellent customer service right to your very location.

Büdiam diamond tools are manufactured at its German headquarters in order to ensure the highest levels of product quality and consistency. Satisfied customers in more than 20 countries around the globe are counting on us. There is no better motivation.